Seacoast Newcomers Club

Photo by David O'Brien

Our Club's History

In 1970, Audrey Link, a newcomer to the area, and Myrna Promer, the Welcome Wagon hostess, founded our club. Originally called “Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club”, it was renamed “Seacoast Newcomers Club" in 1983 with a membership of about 100. As its charter member, Audrey ran the meetings, recruited new members, and fostered membership involvement. Board officers got involved planning special events, Luncheons and monthly Coffees.  Many of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) we enjoy today are spin-offs of these first groups. Her tirelessness and determination built the group we are today. 

In the 1970’s dues were $4, and the newsletter was handwritten and "mimeographed”.  The first member directory fit on the back page of the newsletter. Since inception, the club has always had a charitable heart, with $5 of each member’s current dues going to charity.  Each year there are numerous events that raise funds for local charities. 

In the 2000's, dues were raised to $30, the amount it is today. The membership is varied and includes members who just moved to the area, as well as some of the founding members from 1970. As the membership has grown so has the number of SIG groups and couples events. Membership-wide luncheons are now October, December and May and most SIGs meet monthly.

Today we have grown to more than 250 members and continue to grow. We have come into the “age of technology” with a computer-accessed website and monthly e-mail communications.

We change with the times. How we evolve is based on who we are, the interests of our membership and what we enjoy. With new faces and new ideas, we continue to grow and change to meet the needs of our membership.

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