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     A Message from our President

Back in 1970 our founders, Audrey Link, a newcomer to the area, and Myrna Promer, the Welcome Wagon hostess, founded our club. It was originally named Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club and in 1983 the name was changed to the Seacoast Newcomers Club. It was said that they planted seeds in their garden which have sprouted into beautiful flowers. What a great way of saying what this club is about!

I became a member back in 2015, when a very dear friend invited me to join her. Being newly retired, I had planned on doing things that just weren’t developing as I had planned so what did I have to lose by going to this club. Seacoast Newcomers provided me with a new chapter in my life, and one that I have never regretted.

Shortly after joining, I was asked to become a Coffee Co-Chair. Ok, what did that mean? Did I have to make Coffee? What did this involve? Thankfully, the previous Co-Chair basically took me by the hand letting me know that it was one of my responsibilities to provide hostesses for the Coffees. Oh my, where to begin. She helped me set up the first few coffees and showed me how it was done. Before you knew it, all coffees were being hosted. Being on a board kind of scared me, but thankfully, there was another Co-Chair to help share in this new adventure. 

I made new friends, joined some SIGs, and became involved with the board which has kept me busy ever since. My husband is always amazed that I am not sitting at home trying to decide what to do, and as he has said, anything to get me away from shopping was a plus.

I honestly encourage all new members to get involved in some way such as joining a SIG, a Program, create a new SIG or take over one that needs a new Chair, or become a board member. There’s always something to do. There’s always an adventure to embark on.

If I could quote a former President, “that this organization was conceived over coffee and muffins dedicated to the proposition that all members should have fun with good friends, and in so doing, contribute to the greater good of our community. We now begin a new season looking to a year of renewal and innovation as well as continuing the tried and true favorites of years past.” Come on, get involved, let the flowers bloom from the seeds that you have planted.

Let’s look forward to this year with exciting new adventures.

Gail Barzelay


Seacoast Newcomers Club 2019/2020

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