Seacoast Newcomers Club

A day with friends is a day well spent !

About Us

Welcome to the Seacoast Newcomers Club!

Did you just retire?  Recently move to "the neighborhood"?  Become an empty nester?  Are you looking to make friends, find a place to volunteer or want to explore all this amazing area has to offer?  That is why we are here! Seacoast Newcomers Club (SNC) can help you with all of that!  We are a social group with a charitable and educational interests that’s been in the Seacoast for more than 50 years.  We are more than 250 women who enjoy making friends, spending time together, giving back to our communities and learning about the history, art, culture and opportunities in the Seacoast area.

Meet Us

Please join usfor one of our member Coffees! We meet at 9:30 am on the second Thursday of October through April (skipping December due to the Holiday Luncheon) at the Kittery Community Center. Located at 120 Rogers Road, Kittery, Maine, the Community Center is not far from the Kittery traffic circle.  On-site, free parking is available.

Not a member yet? No problem, we'd love to see you! This free in-person event is open to all members and guests.  It is a great way to meet some of us and get some in-person information about the club.

No registration required for guests. However

we do ask members to preregister when invitations are sent out and are encouraged to help the Coffee Chair when they can.

Members Enjoying Club Activities

Special Interest Groups (list below), luncheons, Special Programs and more.  Come join the fun & make memories!


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Please note SNC wellness policy for all our events.

From the Presidents -

“When I was house hunting on the Seacoast, my daughter-in-law treated me to a pedicure. I got to chatting with a wonderful, friendly woman sitting next to me. When she heard we were moving here to be near family she spoke glowingly about the Seacoast Newcomers Club. So the next Spring (we Wintered in Florida at the time) I looked into it. Now for several years I’ve been on the board in various roles and engage in all sorts of activities. Through the Club I’ve met some of my very best friends.” – Joyce, President 2022-23

 “Before moving to Exeter, I changed homes, states and countries 18 times.  As an Air Force spouse, I am well versed in looking for connections, finding friends and learning about the history, culture and fun available where I live.   That’s why Newcomers was a perfect match for me.  I joined in 2020, just as COVID was locking us into our homes.  Despite the odds, I made connections through Zoom coffee chats, online happy hours and outdoor activities like kayaking and aerobic walking.  Three years later, I am the new president of the club and have enjoyed volunteering locally, leading a team for club luncheons, going to various art programs, wine tastings and lectures as well as snowshoeing, walking, playing canasta and visiting local breweries.  I do not have enough fingers to count the friends I have made.” – Paige, President 2023-24

We would love to have you join our group!  There are tons of activities to choose from- bunco, cribbage, coffees with speakers, historical house tours are just a few.  You can volunteer in activities that support our charity of the year or join the Low Tiders special interest group for beach clean-up.  We have a book club, Breakfast Buddies, and wine tastings.